PhD., English and Film Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (2010-2015) Dissertation title: Aesthetic Economies of Growth: Energy, Value, and The Work of Culture After Oil

  • Supervisor: Dr. Imre Szeman (English and Film Studies // Sociology, University of Alberta)

  • First Reader: Dr. Mark Simpson (English and Film Studies, University of Alberta)

  • Second Reader: Dr. Catherine Kellogg (Political Science, University of Alberta)

  • External: Dr. Michael Watts (Geography, University of California, Berkeley)

M.A., English and Film Studies, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB (2009-2010)

B.A., Honours in English, St. Francis Xavier University, Antigonish, NS (2005-2009)


a) Books and Anthologies

Terminal Landscapes: Media Ecologies of Postwar Energy Culture (in preparation). 

Climate Realism: The Aesthetics of Weather and Atmosphere in the Anthropocene. Edited with Lynn Badia and Marija Cetinić. London: Routledge (under contract, 2019).

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Materialism and the Critique of Energy. Edited with Brent Bellamy. Chicago and Edmonton: MCM Prime Press, 2018. 

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Contemporary Marxist Theory: A Reader. Edited with Andrew Pendakis, Josh Robinson, Nicholas Brown and Imre Szeman. New York: Bloomsbury Academic Press & Continuum (October 2014).

b) Edited Journal Volumes

Eds. Lynn Badia, Marija Cetinić, and Jeff Diamanti. Resilience: An Environmental Humanities Journal special double issue on “Climate Realism: The Aesthetics of Weather, Climate, and Atmosphere” (forthcoming August 2019).

Eds. Jeff Diamanti and Brent Bellamy. Mediations 31.2 special issue on “Materialism and the Critique of Energy” (Winter 2018).

Eds. Brent Bellamy and Jeff Diamanti. Reviews in Cultural Theory 6.3 special issue on “Envisioning the Energy Humanities” (March 2016).

c) Peer Reviewed Journal Articles & Book Chapters

"Five Theses on Sabotage in the Shadow of Fossil Capital." (co-written with Mark Simpson) Radical Philosophy 2.02 (June 2018). 

“Phantasmagorias of Energy: Toward a Materialist Critique of Energy and Economy” (co-written with Brent Bellamy) Mediations 31.2 (Spring 2018).

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d) Book Reviews

“Communizing Currents.” Rev. of Communization and its Discontents, ed., Benjamin Noys. Criticism 57.3 (Summer 2015).  

“Architectural Positions.” Rev. of The Possibility of an Absolute Architecture, Pier Vittorio Aureli. Reviews in Cultural Theory 3.1 (January 2012). 


"Extractivism," Krisis 3 (July 2018).

"Innovation is a Dirty Word for Automation, and Neither Will Save Us From Fossil Fuels," Heroine 5.1 (December 2017). 

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"Transition in a Petro Province? The Alberta NDP in Office," Interview for Socialism and Democracy 30:2 (July 2016): 187-202.

          “Letters to _____: On the Inexhaustibility of Exhaustion,” with Marija Cetinić, GUTS Canadian Feminist             Magazine Spring 2014:

“Arena’s Social Impact Left Out,” Edmonton Journal February 6, 2011.


  • SSRCH Connection Grant for Media@McGill annual colloquium (co-applicant), 2017

  • SSHRC Connection Grant for Banff Research in Culture (co-applicant), 2016

  • Izaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship, 2014-2016

  • Queen Elizabeth II Graduate Scholarship, 2015

  • English and Film Studies Doctoral Dissertation Completion Award, Winter, 2015

  • SSHRC Connection Grant for ICS annual conference (co-applicant), 2013

  • SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship, 2010-2013

  • Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement – CGS SSHRC, 2013-2014

  • University of Alberta, Sarah Nettie Christie MA Scholarship, 2009-2010

  • University of Alberta, Thor and Marilyn Andressen Graduate Scholarship, 2009-2010


After Oil School 2: Solarity. Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal. May 26-28 2019 (forthcoming).

“Heliotropism at the Terminal Beach of Critique,” LEVIATHAN: Art, Ethics, Schizophrenia & the Marine Environment | Symposium at HE.RO Art Gallery, Amsterdam. November 24, 2018.

Keynote address to Petrocultures 2018, University of Glasgow: “The Future of Dependency: Shell’s Foresight and the Petrocultural Penumbra.” Glasgow, Scotland. August 31, 2018. (forthcoming).

Respondent to Public Event at SPUI25: Dr. Ashley Dawson, “The Energy Commons,” Amsterdam, NL. May 24 2018. 

Keynote address to Energy Humanities: What We Are and Where We Are Going, Comenius University: “Energy Humanities 2.0.” Bratislava, Slovakia. 10-11 May, 2018.

"The Future of Dependency: Shell’s Foresight and the Petrocultural Penumbra," ASCA Cities Seminar at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam NL. April 2018.

Discussant at “Transformations of Energy Systems – Historical Perspectives on the Anthropocene”, Harnack-Haus of the Max Planck Society (MPG): Berlin, Germany. 20-21 February 2018. 

"Invisible Man and the Futures of Energy," Program in Literature at Duke University, Durham NC. February 2017. 

"Energyscapses and the Aesthetics of Postindustrial Work," ICCIT at the University of Toronto, Toronto ON. January 2017. 

“Climate Realism: Weird Weather, Cultural Cartographies, and the Atmosphere of the Present,” Canadian Centre for Architecture, Montreal QC. March 9, 2017.

“Between Habit and Habitus: A Response to Szeman’s ‘Pipeline Politics,’” McMaster University, Hamilton ON. March 2016.

“The Politics of Infrastructure and the Infrastructure of Politics,” DKC Incel: Banja Luka,    Bosnia and Herzegovina. June 26, 2014. 


“Cloud-Based Realism from Antonioni to Amazon,” Modern Language Association 2017 Convention: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: January 8 2017. 

“Five Theses on Sabotage in the Shadow of Fossil Capital,” co-written with Mark Simpson, Petrocultures 2016: Memorial University, NL. September 3, 2016. 

“Reading Hardin’s “Tragedy of the Commons” Thesis as a Foundational Petrofiction,” Association for Literature, Environment, and Culture in Canada (ALECC): Queen’s University, ON. June 18th, 2016. 

“Three Theses on Capital and Energy,” presented at the Modern Language Association’s 2015 convention: Vancouver, BC. January 11th, 2015.

“Marxism and the Critique of Energy,” presented at MLG-ICS’s 2014 Institute: Banff, Alberta. June 13-18, 2014.

“Black, Green, and Red Energy,” presented at the American Comparative Literature Association’s Annual Conference: New York City. March 19-23, 2014.

“Capital Projects After Public Works,” presented at MLG-ICS’s 2013 Institute: Columbus, OH. June 24-29, 2013.

“Aesthetic Economy of the Oil Barrel,” presented at Negative Cosmopolitans: Edmonton, Alberta. October 12, 2012.

“Re-thinking the Academy: Alternative Education,” presented at Proletarian Literature & Arts Summer Workshop: Learning, Teaching, and Creating at the University and in the Community:  Edmonton, Alberta. August 2012.

“Architectural Properties of a Postfordist City: Urban Restructuring in Turin, 1962-1989,” presented at the MLG-ICS’s 2012 institute: Vancouver, BC. June 24-29, 2012.

“Typology and Technics for the New Economy: Italy’s Tendenza Experiment,” presented at the GSEC 2012 Graduate Symposium: University of Alberta. May 7, 2012.

“How “We” Build Today: Culture, Commerce and Place in Louisville’s Museum Plaza,” presented at the American Comparative Literature Association’s 2011 conference: Vancouver, BC. March 31 – April 3, 2011.

“The Dialectic at the End of History,” presented at the MLG-ICS’s 2010 institute: Antigonish, NS. June 13-20, 2010.

“Collective Architectures of the Common, Or, Designing Cosmopolitans,” presented at the American Comparative Literature Association's Annual Conference: New Orleans. April 1-4, 2010.

“(American) Black Internationalism: Place and Race in Schuyler’s Black Empire,” presented at the University of Alberta, Public Works:  An American Literature Panel: November 5th, 2009.


“Climate Phantasms and the Image of Ice,” Dr. Amanda Boetzkes. Environmental Humanities Centre, Vrije University and Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis Public Talk. P.C. Hoofthuis, Amsterdam (June 22 2018).

“Grounds for Materialism,” Dr. Jacques Lezra. Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis Public Lecture and Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis Masterclass. University Library, Amsterdam (June 14-15 2018).

Co-Coordinator with Daniel de Zeeuw, "Contemporary Poetry and Politics with Dr. Jasper Bernes," an Amsterdam School for Cultural Analysis special event. University of Amsterdam, University Library: September 2017.   

Lead Organizer, Media@McGill International Colloquium on “Climate Realism,” The Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal: March 9-11, 2017.

Panel Organizer with Lynn Badia and Marija Cetinić on “Climate Realism,” Modern Language Association 2017 Convention. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: January 2017. 

Program Director and Co-organizer, Banff Research in Culture (BRiC) 2016, “On Energy.” Banff, Alberta. May-June 2016. 

After Oil School, Petrocultures Research Group: Edmonton, Alberta. August 2015

Panel Organizer with Brent Bellamy and Clint Burnham on “The Energy Humanities,” Modern Language Association 2015 Convention: Vancouver, BC. January 10, 2015.

SSHRC-funded Conference Co-Organizer with Dr. Imre Szeman, Brent Bellamy and David Janzen: Institute on Culture and Society on “Energy, Environment and Culture,” Banff Center. June 2014.

Co-Organizer with Marija Cetinic and David Janzen, and presenter on Roundtable on the Global Occupy Movement: University of Alberta. October 21, 2011.

Co-Organizer with Dr. Imre Szeman, “New Directions in Culture, Politics and Theory” Speaker Series, 2010-2012: University of Alberta, Edmonton.

Co-Organizer with Brent Bellamy, “Writing in the End Times: Culture and the Apocalypse” Year-EN(d)JAMBMENT Symposium: University of Alberta. April 13-14 2010


Program Director for Banff Research in Culture (BRiC) 2016, “On Energy.”

Associate Editor, Reviews in Cultural Theory, Edmonton, Alberta: 2013-2017

Research resident at Banff Research in Culture (BRiC) 2013: “Dock(ing); or, New Economies of Exchange, The Banff Centre (Spring 2013).

Research Associate with the SSHRC-funded “Edmonton Pipelines Research Group” (2011-2012)

Co-Founder and Coordinator, Edmonton Free School, Edmonton, AB: 2012-2015 (soon to be constituent of

University of Alberta, GSEC Executive Position: Equity Committee Rep (2010-2011); Public Works Officer (2011-2012)

Co-Founder and Co-Editor, The Frequent and Vigorous Quarterly Literary Journal. Antigonish, Nova Scotia: 2007 –2010


a) Master's Students:

Callum McLean, "Polar Spectacle: Overwhelming Nature at the Limits." Research Master's in Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam (2016-18). 

Laura Pannekoek, "TBA." Master's in Comparative Literature, University of Amsterdam (2017-18). 

Stephen Sebastiaan Postma, "Cruel Wonders: Ontological Incompleteness Between Order and Chaos in the Works of Stanisław Lem." Master's in Comparative Literature, University of Amsterdam (2017-18).

Diana M. Obreja, "The Motives behind Major Categories of Hermeneutics formulated in the 20th Century." Master's in Literature and Education, University of Amsterdam (2017-18). 

b) Bachelor's Students: 

Judith Elferink, “Virginia Woolf’s The Waves and the Poetics of Nature." Bachelor's in Literary and Cultural Analysis, University of Amsterdam (2018).